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Event Time and Date

Thursday, February 23 2017, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Has the political establishment failed America? Whether they voted for Trump or Sanders or none of the above, millions of Americans say the answer is yes – and that the system benefits the elites at the expense of everyone else. Others say that despite its flaws, the political establishment has been a force for unparalleled stability, prosperity and equality — and that it is now the only thing standing between America and the abyss. Is it time for the old guard to come to the rescue or to make way for a new political reality?

Come listen to a lively debate featuring leading thinkers from UChicago and beyond – and decide for yourself. Participants include:

Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown

William Howell, UChicago

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

Eric Oliver, UChicago

& others



Reynolds Club- Mandel Hall

5706 S University Ave, Chicago, IL