Getting Started with ROTC

Many students are initially uncertain about how to get started when they're interested in ROTC but don't know much about the military. Trying out ROTC is NO COMMITMENT and we're happy to describe our experiences and answer any questions!

Student Cadets stand on campus in front of Eckhart Hall one morning at the start of Physical Training. Cadet Healy takes charge of the formation.

Serving our country, full tuition scholarships, leadership development and training in a wide range of jobs. The reasons for being interested in participating in ROTC are numerous. Once you're interested, how do you find out more about ROTC?

Our website gives great information for parents and students to find out more about the benefits and opportunities ROTC has to offer. Current student Cadets and military science instructors are always happy to answer questions. The important thing to know is that there is NO COMMITMENT the first 2 years of the ROTC program. Students can explore the Army, Officership, and military service and determine if it is the right path for them.

The best way to find out more about ROTC is to try out a class! We have classes every week on the UChicago campus. Physical Training and Military Science classes are a good way to see what being a cadet is all about. Classes are open and you can start them at any time, just contact for the time/location of the next class. ROTC Classes are scheduled so as to minimize the likelihood of conflicting with UChicago classes. They are often early in the morning before UChicago classes meet.

If you attend some classes and like it, there are opportunities for PAID summer training, and scholarships. These are open to first, second, and third year students. No matter where you are in your UChicago career, it's always a good time to try out and join Army ROTC.



Posted by Sarah Starr on July 27, 2016